Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls

In December 2013 we visited Iguazu Falls as part of a South American private itinerary. I’ve picked out our visit to the Falls because this was one of the highlights from this amazing trip.

Geoffrey and I have seen a few of the world’s major falls but Iguazu would have to be our top choice to date. The great thing is that Iguazu can be seen from so many different perspectives and we took advantage of most of them!  By morning, day and night; by land, river and air; by country (Iguazu spans the border between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay). The park has been developed to allow easy and close access without having impacted the natural surroundings.

It’s difficult to describe (without the usual superlative clichés) without going there and experiencing them yourself. Quite often you hear so much about a place but the reality lets you down. This is in part due to the internet where we are able to research anything and everything in depth, but which the downside is that the element of surprise is diminished when you get there. Not so with Iguazu – despite all the hype we were still blown away.

We spent 2 full days there and we could easily have spent another if the itinerary had allowed.

An absolute must see and a high point for your Bucket List.

If you would like more information about this destination please contact me.

A section of Iguazu

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