The Directors travelled to Cuba in June 2017 on a 7-day private tour.  Absolutely one of the coolest destinations you can visit at the moment.

The great thing about private tours is that you have flexibility with places you want to see and with any special activities you may particularly want to do.   Private tours, in the main are totally customizable and you can afford to be that little more adventurous in your planning.  The tour guide will then do their best to work around you to suit budget and interests and of course at the same time offering you their personal expertise.

The tour company we used was a small company who specialise only with Cuban Tours of small groups.  They operate both group tours and private independent tours.  They operate both with western and Cuban staff living full time in the country.  We were impressed with their extensive experience and knowledge of Cuba and we can honestly say that there wasn’t a single question that they were unable to answer about this fascinating destination.

It’s hard to describe what Cuba is like until you go there yourself.  It is many things – but if you have any sort of interest in Cuba then it’s absolutely a must-see-soon destination.

With extremely limited access to email and the internet it’s amazing to see how every day technology (which we all now take for granted) has quickly widened further the gap between Cuba and the rest of the modern world.

Our private tour group itinerary included Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Santa Clara Vanales and of course Havana.  Some of us have in-depth interests in the Revolution and missile crisis and the on-going effect (to this day) on the day to day lives of the people – the old and young, the rich and poor, the urban and rural.  But of course there is just so much more than Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and Bay of Pigs.  Think of Ernest Hemingway, cigars and mojitos,  classic American cars, Spanish colonisation and Wars of Independence,  American influence and the Mafia, sugar and slavery, Barack Obama and Donald Trump.  Cuba is just pure fascination.

Definitely one of the coolest trips we’ve experienced – and that’s in 30 degrees plus heat!!

If you would like more information about this destination please contact me.

Salvador Gonzalez Escalona

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