Philadelphia, USA

Philadelphia, USA

Have you ever been to Philadelphia?, our New York friend asked.  I have some business there to attend to tomorrow and I could drop you off at the Historical Area and you can look around for the day.  I can then pick you up at around 5pm.

We’ve been to the Big Apple many times, but rather surprisingly, never really thought about visiting the birthplace of America.  It’s an easy 2 hour drive and a logical day tour from New York to visit the very walkable historic area of the city.  If you are short on time you can easily join a walking tour where the guide will provide a very educational and fun experience.  The tours are only a few hours and will cover the National Constitution Centre, Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell Center, Betsy Ross House and Declaration House.  Geoffrey has always had a personal interest in the life of Benjamin Franklin so was able to visit the nearby Benjamin Franklin Museum and cemetery.

A couple of blocks away is the famous historic Reading Terminal Food Market – an amazing array of fantastic food offerings that you could possibly imagine.  A perfect place to look around and to have lunch.

If you visit America often, Philadelphia really is a must-see place to visit to fully appreciate the origins of this huge and diverse nation.

If you would like more information about this destination please contact me.

Independence Hall

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