Hobart, Tasmania Australia

Hobart, Tasmania Australia

It’s a pity more people don’t visit Tasmania but part of the reason must be that you need to transit from the mainland.  So from Auckland you’re looking at the best part of a day to get there.  It was compounded for Geoffrey and I when the flight from Melbourne to Hobart was delayed so it was near midnight before we checked into the hotel.  Not a great start…

 We stayed around the main Victoria dock area – walking distance to a number of great seafood restaurants and to town.  However we did hire a car as we intended to venture out of town over the 3-day long weekend.  The great thing is that many of the main attractions are close and pretty compact – therefore not involving hours and hours on the road.

 Port Arthur is a day trip but is well worth it (a must see for those with an interest in Australia’s colonial history ).  It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its beauty somewhat masks the significance of the area as a penal colony and of the tragic events of 1996.

 Another must-see is a drive to the top of Mt Wellington where there are magnificent views of Hobart and the surrounding area.  It’s a scenic drive to the top (1,271 m) and there is an enclosed lookout which offers protection in case it’s windy or too cold (which it was!!).

We also visited the Museum of Old and New Art  (pretty cool), Cascade Brewery (famous for the purity of the nearby waters) and the historic village of Richmond which included a miniature model village and which, was really well done.

Our hotel was close to the famous outdoor Salamanca Market.  Around the markets are a number of historic buildings housing interesting craft shops, art galleries and small restaurants.  We found this was a good escape from the crowds and bustle of the market.

There’s a lot to see and do and we had a busy 3-day schedule.  Geoffrey is a keen outdoors man and he’s vowed to return to experience some of the renowned Tasmanian walks around the island.

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Salamanca Market

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