Ayres Rock, Yulara, Australia

Ayres Rock, Yulara, Australia

It’s a long way to go (especially from New Zealand) to literary a place in the middle of a desert.  To travel all that way to see a rock – although admittedly, a big rock!  And yet – when you get there, stand next to it – it’s totally awe inspiring.  As a keen tramper, Geoffrey naturally wanted to climb Uluru but instantly understood why Uluru is considered so sacred when he saw it.  He understood that he was more a guest and a visitor than a tourist. He therefore respected the wishes of the local people not to climb.

We stayed at the Ayres Rock Resort which is a short (free) coach ride from the airport.   That evening we did the Field of Light Uluru tour.  There are a number of variations of the tour.  We did the after-sunset tour and the contrast of the Field of Lights with the clear starry night sky was magical.

The following day it was another early rise for the full day out to the King’s Canyon Rim Walk tour. This was excellent but admittedly we had perfect conditions – cloudless, windless and a comfortable 21 degrees.  40 degrees plus is not uncommon and in those conditions you need to carry at least 3 litres of water with you as well!

The following day it was the 12km cycle around Ularu camel riding and visit to Kata Tjuṯa.

We decided to visit over the long Queen’s birthday weekend but really 3 days wasn’t enough.

Another brilliant getaway trip (but best to avoid the summer).

If you would like more information about this destination please contact me.

Ayres Rock (Uluru)

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